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Google Vs. Us(For Advertisers)


As an advertiser it’s obvious that you would want to compare us with Google adwords which you probably have already tried. From our point of view there is no clear winner or losers in this straight head to head comparison. Both we and Google have some pros and cons, below we discuss both the pros and cons and let you decide which serves you better.


On an avg. Google clicks costs 0.25$ upwards, most keywords have reserve prices above this and some keywords rank as high as 100$ per click.

On Contentxn we are trying to reach a 5 cent per click or lesser for each campaign over a years period. The longer your content stays online, the lesser the cost per click.

The cost of each click actually goes down, if you find what we are saying a little unbelievable try creating and account or contact our support staff to discuss more.

Perennial traffic

ContentXn is a create once ad campaign, you create a campagn once, and then let other websites send you traffic, these ads do not disappear as soon as someone bids a higher price like in Google, but are part of the other website. Which means they become a perennial source of traffic for you.


Google provides a keyword based targeting and geo targeting features. In content network you do not have much control since your ad appear no sites you have not chosen most times, many sites are “made for ad sense website” which contain only clicks, fooling people into clicking.

Contentxn believes advertisers have bitten the “keyword based” approach a bit too hard. Advertising used to be about people once upon a time.

On Contentxn advertiser choose on which websites their potential audience might be and then strategically place content there. So advertisers can decide on which sites there advertisers are rather then when a keyword matches.

Search engine advantage

Google links are JavaScript links which are not readable by search engines including Google itself.

Contentxn posts are organic html posts read by al search engines and help in your website ranking high for related keywords in your industry apart from providing quality traffic.

Social approval
Google adwords go from advertisers to target audience directly, there is no social element involved.

Contentxn posts of viral go from authors and writers to your target audience, this way these authors and writes acknowledge your brand or product and give you a social approval.

If you use Contentxn you wouldn’t be seen as some lonely desperate advertiser looking for fast clicks but as a serious business conscious about his brand wanting to create a buzz and ready to address all questions about his offering in the open.

Active feedback

Google doesn’t provide an any sort of feedback mechanism yet.

Contentxn lets advertisers gather feedback using survey style questions from multiple website and blogs. This is a huge advantage for businesses who want to get strategic data straight from users.

Ad impact
Google ad sizes are extremely small in our view and do not let advertiser really reach their audience and exactly express what they want the target audience to know.

Contentxn posts are full page, giving you enough space to discuss everything you deem important.


Google is surely scalable if you can manage thousands of keywords.

Contentxn is more manual but targeted. Contentxn wasn’t designed to be as scalable as Ad words but more focused.

Click fraud
Google has been accused of not doing enough about click fraud.
When someone uses software to click advertiser’s ads to deplete his advertising budget on Google or pays people to click on such ads, this is generally referred to as click fraud.

The problem is that click fraud cannot be 100% prevented. There will always be click fraud.

Unify with the web matrix


Contentxn does not charge you per click (we let you track them though). There is no question of Click fraud.

Still got questions?
Email us and we will help you out.


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