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Web Marketing Firms:

Web marketing firms are in continuous pressure to show quick results, most times they focus on Google Adwords which might be a effective short term strategy but in the long run you need a better way.

By using contentXn you unify your clients brands and services with the matrix of the web providing them with better exposure and driving better quality perennial traffic without fighting with the pressures of rising click prices and click fraud.

If you are into search engine optimization you have obviously faced issues with creating enough buzz on the net to drive incoming traffic and in bound links.

Google states on their website to get quality in coming links from good sites, easier said then done, most times a website has no incentive to link to a commercial site.

Maybe we can solve that problem for you. Can link building be any easier & ethical?

Web Design/Development Firms:

If you have just finished a great website for your client, how about getting them some good exposure on the web?

ContentXn makes it easier for non marketing companies to leverage the web to promote themselves and their clients websites the easier way. Just create a campaign and let publishers do their job and watch your client promoted all over the web.

Advertising Agencies:

Do you see word of mouth and peer to peer advertising as a possible form advertisement? Friends talking with friends about your clients product service? Can you imagine the trust?

Did you ever have a great viral idea but never knew where to start on the web?

We offer custom solutions for agencies. Why not get in touch with us?

PR Agency:

ContentXn is not only an ad network, but can be used to execute a successful PR campaign. The concept is simple, tell the network of bloggers and writers what needs to be promoted they respond by writing about your release.

This release spreads like virus by other bloggers and writers picking your stories.

Many of our bloggers are journalists, many journalists use our services keep track of new advertisers.

Not bad eh?

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Are you a journalist? We can help you setup your own branded blog and help you get started in becoming a premium contentxn publisher. Contact us

Got questions?Email us and we will help you out.


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