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At contentXn our definition of publisher is a bit more flrexible than other people. We consider you a publisher if:

1. You have a blog and write meaningful stuff

2. You have a website and write meaningful content.

3. You have newsletter subscribers or email list (opt in not spam lists).

4. If you have a list of your friends on gmail/yahoo/msn/hotmail/lycos/linkedin and would like to send your friends information important for them(you decide whats important, your friends will have the ability of remove themselves from your list).

So that is that, from what we gather so far, if you have a audience we have an advertiser for you. Why not join us?

Feel Good Note: By the way we will soon be launching two new services:

1. Pay per sms: You invite your friends to recieve local sms ads of their choice(like latest movies/ipos or any other cool topic) and we pay you and your friends to read that admessage.

2. Pay per email: You invite your friends over to recieve email ads and you get paid.

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